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K 935 White

If you want to enjoy the sound of your hi-fi system privately, but without beingtethered to a headphone socket, then AKG’s K935 wireless’ phone is the perfect solution.

The base unit, which can be wall-mounted, includes hidden magnets tha thold the headphone in place while they charge, allowing for up to eight hours of remote listening enjoyment over a high quality 2.4GHz wireless connection. RCA and 3.5mm analogue inputs are fitted along with a sensitivity switch to accommodate a wide variety of music sources. Not only does the K935 develop a very detailed, spacious and sympathetic sound, but its soft and compliant velvetear pads and light weight ensure the headphone is equally comfortable to wear.


K 935 White

High-performance digitale draadloze stereo hoofdtelefoon geoptimaliseerd voor films, games en muziek

€ 159,00 € 199,00


K 915

comfortabele hoofdtelefoon voor over de oren met ingebouwde volumeregeling

€ 79,00 € 99,00


K 374

Krachtige hoofdtelefoon voor in de oren

€ 39,00 € 79,00


K 551

Smashing all-rounders that really sing.

– What HiFi - January 2013

K 551

Hoofdtelefoon van referentieklasse voor over de oren met in-line microfoon en afstandsbediening

€ 99,00 € 179,00